16 mai 2010

Long week-ends rock

Let's imagine. Four days just for you. Four days of doing nothing but what u want. Gosh, that was rad, i wish it could be like this every week! I swear i would not get tired of it EVER.

Those blessed days were spent watching movies - including a, sorry to say, lame & so very disappointing Robin Hood by Ridley Scott, and the beautiful, sensitive A Single Man by Tom Ford -, going to the hair salon to have my bangs finally cut decent, and my length sadly cut faaaar too short to my taste, eatin out with friends, drinkin a bit too many cocktails with friends, cleaning and orderin my place on a rainy morning, "building" with my mum a new dress she's sewing for me, and happy crafting

Some cards - those always come useful

, and twin layouts, one will go to Paris for my friend Melanie, the other will remain here in my house - love thinking that we will have complementary LO to remember that funny night we spent all together.

Well, a pretty nice week-end, now i'm back to my usual routine... and just can't wait for my next vacations: in about 15 days i'll be in Granada with one of my favorite chicas!



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