12 mai 2010

The all-in-one post

An all-in-one post is the kind of post you obtain when you resume blogging after a long time, and you realize that you have many, totally inconsistent topics to talk about. The kind of post that makes you swear to yourself not to leave your blog alone for too long in the future.

* The weather here is awful. Like non-stop awful. Like November awful. I've never seen that in my whole (short) life. Who stole Spring this year? I feel like i will never have the occasion to wear strapless tops, flip-flops and sundresses again EVER. I'm thinking of turning my terrace into a rice field, as i'm not any close of using it for sunbathing...
* Tonight with some friends i had planned to attend a giant outdoor party on a public square, organized through Facebook. Before we even had a chance to join, rain was falling heavier than ever. Fail.
* But, despite this, good news is i'm on week-end already! Tomorrow is national holiday in France for Ascension, and the company gave us the Friday off. So grateful for that.
* Because as i'm fighting (pretty lamely, actually) insomnia those days, i'm freakin exhausted - but still totally unable to sleep. So with some chance with this long w-e i'll be able to cope at daytime for my lack of sleep, somehow.
* I can't wait to be on June. On 4th i'm flying to Granada, Spain, visiting my flamenco mate Marina who's over there studying. I'm so so so excited about it, i already know we will have an unforgettable time. And it's coinciding with Granada's feria too! I definitely feel so lucky.
* I have been good at scrapbooking this week, but with that hell of a weather no way i could take decent pictures... so i borrowed my brother's camera, that is far better than mine, this way maybe i finally have a chance to show what i've made so far.
* Today, i have learned that ducks are able to sleep one eye wide open. Because the two sides of their brain are totally independent, and the left side can take rest while the right side is on guard. I guess i won't be able to show off with that info too often, so i thought i'd rather put it there.
* My place is a mess. Not a disaster mess, but a mess anyway. Another thing i have to do this week-end (sighs).

That's all for tonight, i will try to get some sleep... but i'll be back very soon, learning from my errors!


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