11 avr. 2010

Pastel Galore!

Today i placed a massive online order of nail polishes from the China Glaze brand, as we don't find this brand in France - hmm actually, finding polishes in fancy colors is sort of a challenge, whatever the brand. China Glaze have that new sweet collection "Up and Away", that is full of pastel colors... i totally couldn't resist! (and well i need to confess i did fall for some other colors that weren't from that collection too)
Decided to wait for my order to arrive with some eyecandies matching the colors of those soon-to-be-mine polishes. I hope so hard that the mail doesn't get lost on its way from the US and arrives straight and fast to me!

Lemon Fizz
(this one is my favorite, i had been looking for a pale yellow for weeks!!)

(pictures found via WeHeartIt, detailed credits can be found through my account)

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