3 mai 2010

That's how things go, they say

Past week has been tough, and heavy. On Wednesday, my family and i said a last goodbye to my grandma, who had not waken up that morning. She had a peaceful and simple departure, just the way she liked.
After the numbness of the first moments, i am now feeling super energetic (hmm, maybe a bit too much even, as that's 4.30 in the morning and i cannot sleep any longer...), completed or started more scrap and craft projects than i did since i've been back from Beijing... that is already 4 months ago. Gosh. Time flies.

I finally received my China Glaze polishes and... they're just exactly perfect! the nicest colors, and a far better quality than all the polishes i've ever bought here, i think i'm hooked! My only problem now is to decide which color i would be wearing that week, and that's a terrible, terrible dilemma, believe me.

I also cooked and baked a lot this week-end, just like every time i'm feeling worried or upset :)
Tried for the first time ever a japanese tofu curry, ended super easy and super yummy. That's a new classico for sure.

It's too late, and above all i'm too lazy, to post pix of the craft projects i did this week, so that post will remain a boring blahblah post only, sowwwwy dears! heading to my bed trying to get a bit more sleep for this night.



PS: the sleep won't be easy, i've just noticed it's now raining and winding like hell outside... looks like this year spring will NEVER come to us!!

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